Yes, yes, yes! Playdate was in the house! The ever fascinating Peter and Deborah Keresztury hosted the best erotic photographers and sculptors in the area at the SOMArts Cultural Center for the 6th year in a row. Playdate was in attendance with the Playdate Girlz and Boyz, yours truly, my loveliest of pets Z, and plenty of goodies to see and purchase. The "Spanking Booth", constructed in a frenzy, 45 minutes before opening (across the street in a parking, was a huge hit! Dozens of art and kink fans broadened their horizons and stepped up, and in, to spanky heaven. Floggers were tested, paddles too, Mr. Kinky had to show most of them how to properly flog a proffered rump, but there were a few obvious veterans as well. Yikes! Mr. Kinky was requested (or more precisely his ass) by one such veteran ( a very sexy and vivacious woman) who gave it a good seeing to. Plenty of spanking and flogging virgins left the booth flushed and giggling, muttering things like "That's kinda hot!". I consider that a win, don't you? If you've never flogged, or been flogged...get one of our sexy floggers and join the fun!

Until the next time...ta ta!

M. Kinky