Yes, it's that time of year. Time to put on that red and white hat, go to parties, and chip away at that gift list. If you're reading this, you've certainly come to the right place for chipping! Who doesn't love a sex toy? (OK, don't answer that, you're talking to a blog post!) Anyway, in Playdate news, the Fetish Flea Market at The Citadel in kinky San Franfriskyo last Saturday, was a HIT! We had yours truly M. Kinky, and my favorite helper, Pet, slingin' toys and lubin' up the crowds. Many happy customers left with good deals and shorter lists. The Rose Flogger flew out the door. The Mini Beast went in threes. In all, we made new friends and did some bidniz. (Shoutout to #square and it's cute card reader!).

Here's a pic I grabbed as it ended. We were too busy to take more during the feeding frenzy. See? We really do exist!